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The topic of this year's conference was: "Prepare for upcoming conflicts - Get ready for the future!" There are multiple conflicts, which literally stress the political and diplomatic relations between countries all over the world. But beside political changes we discussed other problems like humanitarian, security and legal questions as well as the situation of children in the world in order to find suitable solutions for those issues.


On 6th and 7th of February we welcomed you at the 2020 annual MUNelly conference at Nelly-Sachs-Gymnasium in Neuss, Germany. Productive and exciting days were spent together.

On behalf of the whole MUNelly-Staff, we thank all of our delegates, chairs and MUN Directors for their participation and their part of this interesting conference.

If you want to join MUNelly 2021, please send us an e-mail to munelly@gmx.dePlease stay tuned to our website and Instagram-Account to be the first to receive the latest news.


David Peschen and Carlo Schneider



MUNelly 2020

2020's subject was:


Prepare for upcoming conflicts - Ready up for the Future!

MUNelly 2018

2018's theme was:


The Situation is Heating Up - Change is Needed!

MUNelly 2017

2017's topic was:

Together endeavoring to implement

and protect human rights

MUNelly 2016

2016's subject was:

Respectful Relations for a Brighter Future

The MUNelly-Team visited the UN-Campus in Bonn

On 15 June 2016 the MUNelly-Team, which consists of participants of our MUNelly Conference in 2015, visited the UN-Campus in Bonn. Shaping a sustainable future is the major issue of 18 organisations and over 1000 staff members whose intention is to help government and people to find answers and ways to achieve a sustainable future on the planet.

 We were welcomed by Harald Ganns, senior advisor of The UN and former German ambassador. Our main interest were peacekeeping operations and the UN responsibility to protect (R2P). We learnt that the major task of the UN is to guarantee safety for the people in their countries of origin and that blue helmet troops are formed on demand.

Afterwards we went up to the 29th floor and enjoyed the breath - taking view from the top of the building “Langer Eugen” over Bonn and the Rhine valley. A guided walk introduced to us the “Path of Democracy” and made us familiar with the governmental district of our former capital Bonn. After a quick visit to McDonalds the excursion ended. All in all, it was a splendid experience!


Our Team