MUNelly 2021

The MUNelly Conference 2021 was held on February 4th and 5th, 2021.



The topics:

The Show Must Go On - The World Facing COVID-19



Like the real UN, MUNelly is divided into several committees. The main organs of the MUNelly conference 2021 are the GA 2: Economic and Financial, WHO: World Health Organization, UNSC: UN Security Council and UNICEF: UN International Children Emergency Fund. For practical reasons the main Committees at MUNelly are in some way different than to the real UN.



 GA 2

 Economical and Financial


 1. Developing a Global Aid Program Restengthening the Global Economy

2. Re-establishing Safe Tourism

3. (in reserve) Enabling Safe Work Environments


World Health Organization


 1. The question of Making Vaccination Accessible for Everyone

2. Improving Hygiene Standards in Order to Prevent Further Outbreaks

3. (in reserve) The Question of International Standards When IT Comes to Enforcing Mouth-Nose-Covers


UN Security Council


 1. The Impact of COVID-19 on Peace and Security


       UN International Children Emergency Fund


 1. Promoting Digital Resources for (Remote) Education

2. 2. Improving the Situation of Domestic Violence Against Children Due to COVID-19

3. (in reserve) Providing Mental Health Resources and Reducing Trauma Aggravation for Child Refugees


UN Human Rights Council


 1. Providing Humanitarian and Medical Aid in Times of Lockdowns

2. The question of Enforcing Major Restrictions in People's Personal Freedom (Lockdowns)

3. (in reserve) Expanding Testing Capacity (Especially in Developing Countries)