Conference Rooms

Dear MUN-coordinators and guests,


in the attachment you will find the links for the committees as well as the opening and closing ceremony.


If you want to join the meetings, please make sure to do so using the following sign-in name:


guest: first name last name


That way, the chairs will know you’re an official visitor. Your students, however, should sign in using their delegation’s name, but the chairs will explain that in the opening ceremony.


We are very much looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Best regards Meike Gönensay

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Important things to keep in mind...

1. Every participant of the conference and the school staff must be treated with respect.

2. All delegates must follow the orders of the chairs and respect the decisions they make.

3. Turn your camera on if possible.

4. Stay muted until the chairs ask you to say something (mic check during role call).

5. For points of personal privilege text a private message to both (!) chairs.

6. Raise your placard = type an x in the main chat.

7. For voting procedures, we will use the survey function, so no need to type an x in the chat.