Combating Cybercrime with special regard to the Dark Net



In times of total medial connection and, therefore, rising criminal actions via the Internet, it is very important to prevent the espionage of countries on other countries because that could create conflicts.


Furthermore, there should not be total surveillance inside a country, although sometimes it must be done, for example to stop the illegal trade of drugs or weapons, surveillance via Internet has to be stopped.



Due to theft and the publishing of important secret information and their abuse, this means a growing big problem. The surveillance of people is an abuse of human rights and, therefore, must be combatted. Liberty on the Internet must also be given.



A possibility for an effective global fight against cybercrime must be found. The only option is international cooperation. It must be debated whether irregularities have to be punished or sanctioned. Censorship and prohibition of websites should not be the solution. More and more countries are having structures of a police state with a strong surveillance on the Internet.



Also, there must be a more effective fight against propaganda or recruiting of terrorists. In this connection there could be a cooperation with all leading companies in this area like Facebook or Microsoft. This could be good to limit the problem.



The Darknet offers new options and opportunities to speak their minds and express their opinions for many people, especially in countries where no free positions and opinions are allowed. On the Darknet, however, many criminal acts occur, too. Illegal organisations trade forbidden goods or people are hurt. It should be considered if a restriction on illegal trading is possible and reasonable.  




Definition of Key Terms


Cybercrime describes all criminal activities which willfully affects, spies or damages persons, computers, data sets, software programmes and communication links on the Internet.


The Darknet is a loose network of many private computers, which are all linked as a peer-to-peer net. The data is often transmitted as encoded message.




Background Information


The Darknet is unknown to many people and only a few know how to get access to it. Also there is only a small possibility that users are supervised which not only leads to having a lot of freedom on the Darknet, but it is also often misused.



Lennart Jansen