Non-state actors as a danger to international peace and security



Nowadays non-state actors menace international peace and security. The term does not only mean terrorist organizations, but also actors who are partners of states on the international platform, such as the Civil Rights Council or Amnesty International. Counteractions against organizations menacing peace and security in the world are concentrated with the Security Council. The states have the responsibility of keeping the international peace.



Definition of a non-state actor:


A non-state is an individual or organization that has significant political influence but is not allied to any particular country or state. These non-state actors are not oriented to make proft and do vuluntary work. They can act locally as well as nationwide or worldwide. They often have economic, political or social power and a lot of influence.



There are, however, also non-state actors who menace peace worldwide, thus these non-state actors cause conflicts instead of helping to solve them. These organizations can be religious groups, armed groups or warlords. They can also be terrorist organizations. The most well-known non-state actors in public today are, for example, the IS, Hamas, Taliban, Boko-Haram, A-Quaeda and the Hezbollah.



Non-state actors’ recent actions:


The most important objective for the Security Council is to tackle the non-state organizations of the Islamic State and Boko Haram in Nigeria. During the last two years the non-state terrorist organization of the Islamic State threatened international peace and security to an unexpected high level. Because of the war in Syria caused by this organization, a lot of people died, many people fled from there.

Monuments of historical rank, which can never be restored, were also destroyed. This war and the situation in North Africa caused a wave of refugees, which then swept over to European states.


The main task of international policy is to end this war and to stabilize the situation in those countries. This must not only be dealt with by the Security Council, but also by the democratic nations in the world. At the moment, international peace is highly threatened because the United States of America and Russia are about to become enemies again.




Fabiola Sauer